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I've enjoyed joining GrowthPOD because it has given me more exposure to my clients and by creating an offer every month I have people contacting me to let me know they want to take me up on what I'm offering. Melissa Clary, CPA Kruger & Clary CPA's

Launching my GrowthPOD e-magazine has been a fantastic marketing tool for my business. The articles, expert sections and special offers provide a value to our readers, I am aligning myself with all-star strategic partners to create a referral process each month, and I am able to market myself as a business expert by writing an article and having a professional looking e-marketing tool go out each month. It's truly a WIN-WIN-WIN! And I get positive feedback from my readers each month. In just 5 months, I was able to get a return on my investment. Pamela Muldoon, ActionCoach Business Coach

I landed a client recently & I know GrowthPOD was the vehicle that finally got him to do it because his e-mail was a "reply" from the GrowthPOD e-newsletter I sent. Another one of my prospects decided to utilize another member of my POD as his business coach. I know it works and I am happy to be on the ground floor of this! CJ Arditi, Edward Jones, Financial Advisor

GrowthPOD provides a great way for me to stay in top of mind awareness with my existing customers. Having a monthly deadline to update my e-newsletter makes me actually do it. It is important to me to be in touch with my clients regularly and GrowthPOD enables me to achieve that goal. Ron Zasadzinski

I really like the concept of GrowthPOD. It is a good build on a monthly e-newsletter and it looks professional. Mary Griffith, Virginia's Finest Chocolates

It has enabled me to keep in contact with my contacts when I am unable to get out. Kit Thompson, Mortgage Professional

I have had numerous contacts tell me how professional it looks. After working with the system and improving my offers, I started getting leads. Ken Boyd, Business Partner

This is Great! Living The GoodLife has such great information and the whole system has added so much value for my business. I'm glad I made this investment. Bob Keil, Fitness Together

I got my first lead within an hour of the first business day that my first newsletter was distributed. This one opportunity will pay for the newsletter within the first month. Eric Holt, RDS Design, Inc.

After 2 months of using GrowthPOD, I landed a customer that was "on the fence" for the longest time. This job will pay for GrowthPOD for the next 5 years! Thanks GrowthPOD. Jeff King, Night Designs

I didn't have many contacts in my system, so I was a bit skeptical of getting anything from GrowthPOD. Within 24 hours after the initial campaign, I recieved a phone call for service! It works & it's easy! Dave Hinton, DBH Appliance Repair, IN

For me GrowthPOD is all about "top of the mind awareness". The more often people see my name, the more likely they'll think to do business with me. Elaine Todd, Todd Financial Services, LLC

I'd say the strongest value of GrowthPOD, to me, is that I have a very professional looking e-zine, my article goes out on everyone's newsletter, and it helps me cement relationships with strategic partners. Ingar Grev, CEO, The Growth Coach of Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

GrowthPOD provides an excellent way to target existing and past clients, and prospects. It also allows me to increase my ability to promote my business and that of my strongest business alliances. Robert R. Davis CEO AdSpace Links LLC

The ease of updating articles, offers and the newsletter message is time-saving. I use GrowthPOD at the beginning of each month to let my ezine subscribers, clients and prospects know what I'll be following up with during the month. The statistics let me know that people ARE reading not only my content but my POD members offers! And THAT is what it is about. Thanks for this unique venue for collaborating. Pat Weber, CEO Professional Strategies

What a great way to keep in touch with the business community! If there is one word to describe GrowthPOD, I would say REFRESHING – a powerful yet simple strategy for network building and strategic alliances. If you are or plan to be in business, you need GrowthPOD. Jim Reilly, Business COACH

I have received several calls from people telling me I am an expert in my field. They perceived me to be an expert because of my articles in GrowthPOD. Prior to GrowthPOD I was unable to get in front of so many people to share my expertise. Gina Nieves, MarkNet Group

I love the concept, it is great because the people you know even your best friends don't get around to telling or emailing their friends/clients about your service. With GrowthPODyou know your getting in front of them.

GrowthPOD is easy to use and makes a great impression with my customers! Ron Morgan Office Creations, Inc.