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Buy pay-as-you-go credits whenever you need them. Add an offer in Co-Op Credits to improve your Featured Content rankings & increase visibility and likelihood of others choosing your content to feature in their e-newsletters! Your credits are only deducted when they are chosen and sent & when you add other featured content to your campaigns, you earn what they offer! The more you promote, the more you earn!

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After using your FREE credits, choose from the following Pay as you go credit packages:

Pay As You Go Credit Packages


250$ 15 USD (0.06 USD/Credit)

550$ 30 USD (0.055 USD/Credit)

1200$ 60 USD (0.05 USD/Credit)

2200$ 100 USD (0.045 USD/Credit)

3750$ 150 USD (0.04 USD/Credit)


8350$ 250 USD (0.03 USD/Credit)

14000$ 350 USD (0.025 USD/Credit)

22500$ 450 USD (0.02 USD/Credit)

40000$ 600 USD (0.015 USD/Credit)

120000$ 1200 USD (0.01 USD/Credit)

What are Co-Opvertising Credits?

GrowthPOD's very own currency.Co-Op Credits are used to provide an added incentive for others in your POD to choose your content for their campaigns. When your offer exceeds those of others, it will show up higher in the Featured Content Rankings which will increase the likelihood of others viewing and choosing your content to send in your e-newsletters!

How much does it cost to send out emails?

It’s free to send unlimited emails to your uploaded lists forever in GrowthPOD!

What do I get for promoting others?

You get 20% of the offer in credits for each widget you include in your campaigns payable after either the campaign is delivered or you share to facebook. GrowthPOD retains the other 80%. So, by promoting others, you actually earn credits for your own Co-Opvertising!

What do I pay when others promote me?

You are charged the number of credits attached to your Co-Opvertisement promoted. So if you made an offer of 200 credits, then your account would be deducted 200 credits after sending the campaign. If you offered 0 credits, then you pay nothing!

Can I offer more than the minimum to increase the odds of others promoting my Co-Opvertisements?

Yes, In fact you are encouraged to do so. The higher your offer, the higher in the “Featured POD Content” listings your Co-Opvertisement will be. So, if you want to increase the chances of people promoting you, then simply ensure your Co-Opvertisement offer is higher than or equal to the top listings to stand out, when others are searching for content to share with their clients in the e-newsletters and facebook pages.

When will I be charged?

You will only be charged when your Co-Opvertisement has been shared.

What happens when I run out of credits?

Your Co-Opvertisements will not be available for selection by others until your balance can cover the offer. You can modify or deactivate your Co-Opvertisements any time.

The secret Is out! Promoting others through Co-Opvertising in GrowthPOD actually pays for your future marketing!