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1. What is Co-Opvertising? Promoting content provided by others in your e-Newsletters, Facebook or Twitter Feeds... And, others do the same. It's a co-operative, team approach to leveraging your most valuable asset to get far more exposure for less! (in this case.. FREE)

2. What will I pay to Co-Opvertise? GrowthPOD is a FREE email marketing system that enables you to send unlimited messages to unlimited contacts forever! Co-Op Credits are available to attach offers to your content & increase the likelihood of others promoting your content.

3. How do I use the Co-Opvertising Credits?

When you add new Co-Opvertisements, simply add a "Featured Content Offer" in Co-Op Credits. The higher your offer, the higher your content will display in the listings, thus increasing the chances of your content being selected. You will only be charged when you have been promoted. And, when you promote others in your POD, you receive their offer in credits. So if you do this correctly and promote others first, your Co-Opvertising will be totally free!

Social Media Co-Opvertising – Ask a POD member to Post a status update or Tweet about you (that you have written)

4. What do I pay when my alliances include my Co-Opvertisements in their e-news campaign? When you request to Co-Opvertise, you are encouraged to make them an offer (in Co-Opvertising Credits) in exchange for promoting you! GrowthPOD does not put restrictions on what you have to offer them. You offer the amount of Co-Op Credits that you think you should! Keep in mind that you want to create a Win-Win situation for those you like and trust and want promoting you!

5. Is it easy to find content to use in my campaigns? Yes! With GrowthPOD you will either receive Requests to Co-Opvertise with specific information or you can use content already created by your POD partners from The Featured Content Vault. *The more connections you have in GrowthPOD the more content and possible exposure that is available to you!

6. My client list is very important to me. I do want to help promote others in my POD, however do not feel comfortable sharing my contacts. Rightfully so! Our patented technology provides the benefit of Co-Op marketing to the other member databases, without ever exposing your contacts to anybody else!

7. I'm already doing an e-newsletter. Can I still take advantage of GrowthPOD? Of course. Many seasoned e-marketers love GrowthPOD for it's Co-Op Marketing features! Giving you the opportunity for more exposure through your alliances or POD Partners. It’s a no brainer!

8. Will my customer's receive email from other members of my POD? No! You will be the only person that has access to your list. Therefore, the only person that can send emails to your list, using our system, is you!

9. Will you sell, rent or barter my list? No! We are committed 100% to protecting the integrity of our company and most importantly, your list of contacts.

10. Can my customers unsubscribe to the e-newsletter if they no longer wish to receive it? Absolutely! Every message sent contains an unsubscribe link at the bottom, when clicked, automatically removes that contact from your mailing list.

11. I already have a Blog, do I have to use the GrowthPOD Blog? No, the GrowthPOD Blog is a landing page for the Articles, Videos and any Co-Opvertisements that do not have a website. Plus, our built in Search Engine Optimization Features will help funnel more leads into your business when people search for information contained in your content. So whether you actively use it or not, your Blog is always working for you!

12. What is the easiest way to grow my POD? Your initial POD members should be your top alliances that refer you business. If you attend referral networks, meetups or chambers, people that you know and trust - this provides you with another way to seek referral opportunities in between meetigns.

13. I am a part of a Referral Network, Co-Op Marketing is perfect for my chapter.What is the best way to integrate GrowthPOD? It's FREE, so we recommend, inviting those in your chapter whom you'd love to get more referrals from & begin promoting each other right away!

14. Do all of my contacts have to be people who requested information from me? Yes! Purchased, borrowed or rented lists are not permitted in the GrowthPOD system. If we received SPAM Reports GrowthPOD will suspend your membership immediately.