Title : A Message from the Founder
Posted Date : 2011-10-03 09:38:33

Greetings and thank you for visiting GrowthPOD – The Place to Co-Opvertise and Grow Together! Before moving forward with your experience in GrowthPOD, I wanted to provide you with the opportunity to understand how GrowthPOD came about & my powerful vision for what GrowthPOD will soon be.


In 2003, I began coaching businesses to achieve more out life through their businesses. If one were to describe me they would say that I am someone that was not afraid of a challenge, that sees opportunity in adversity & is willing to do whatever it takes to help people in need. I am someone that brings hope, in this case, for businesses to continue in pursuit of their dreams.


Over the course of the next 3 years, I was challenged by the fact that I got the most satisfaction from working with the smaller businesses. The same businesses whose emotional bank account was overflowing, however, their financial bank account was empty. An extremely difficult business model. So I challenged myself to come up with a concept that would allow heart-filled business owners the opportunities to learn the core ideals and business concepts that ensure long term success, without breaking the bank account – GrowthPOD was born.


The Value of Small Business

Small businesses may not have the money to dump thousands of dollars into expensive advertising, however, if you worked closely with any small business owner, you will understand the value of their word, their service and reputation that makes their client databases extremely valuable. I wanted a system where businesses with similar circumstances and values could unite to grow themselves and their respective communities together. A system where people could team & create the most powerful presence & resource for marketing in their areas. Best of all, it would be inexpensive enough for most small businesses to use. This became GrowthPOD.


The Values of GrowthPOD

GrowthPOD's Co-Opvertising concept was not designed for everyone. In fact, if you believe you achieve greatness in life alone, it's most definitely not for you. GrowthPOD's Co-Opvertising concept operates under the premise of helping others first. Some organizations like BNI call this Givers Gain. We believe that when you have genuine interest in helping others first, your future and your successes will just happen. With so much corruption in the corporate world, I wanted to build a community of business owners whose core values are in alignment with what made America the most sought after place to live & operate within. A community of business professionals that share a similar passion and commitment to build businesses committed to people, families and community!


The Mission of GrowthPOD

It is our goal to Rebuild the Economy through Small Business! We are so committed to this cause that we are providing each business with a helper, an agent that will assist you in your efforts. Together, I am confident we'll turn this economy around! I look forward to your success!


Jeff Levin, Founder of GrowthPOD. 

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