Title : Accelerated List Building
Posted Date : 2014-05-09 09:42:43

Traditional list building efforts take time. You may be just starting a business or thinking about it and you may have learned some of the common tactics taught by the professionals that include:


1. Collecting Business Cards through networking

2. Capturing basic email and contact information from your website

3. Adding a newsletter subscription box to your website

4. Drawing and giveaways at business expos or tradeshows

5. Asking for email and contact information when prospects call in for enquiries


All pretty good! However, these methods take a very long time and some effort to build a list substantial enough to offset the marketing time and money required to execute your strategies. To speed up your list building efforts we recommend a concept coined by GrowthPOD Founder, Jeff Levin, entitled Co-Opvertising, where networking alliances add content to cross promote to each others databases, allowing you to exponentially increase the exposure an article, video or business tip could get by only promoting it a single marketing database – which is how most people using Do It Yourself systems are doing. GrowthPOD is the only FREE email marketing system that allows you to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers. The only catch is you must include at least one piece of content from another person you are connected with, or as we call it – your POD!


Here are 5 Steps to Accelerate Your List Building Efforts Today!

1. Create a FREE Co-Opvertising Account by visiting www.GrowthPOD.com.

2. Because we believe that if you want others to care about your business, you have to show you care about them first, we recommend creating a Monthly Co-Op Marketing Campaign & then inviting your closest business alliances to be featured in it.

3. Using our simple campaign editing features, simply select the article, video, tip, event or offer provided by the people in your POD. (Note: You can only include content from those you are connected to, so be sure to connect up to gain access to lots of content you can share with your clients)

4. Add an interesting article or offer of your own to the system and ask the people you featured to return the favor.

5. Add more content, like articles or special offers that your clients would be interested in regularly to entice your POD to share. When they do, you get additional exposure that you just couldn’t get when you only market to your own list!


Imagine being connected with 20-30 companies that actively promote your articles, videos, tips, events and offers? Your clients will love you because you are giving them fresh new content in between sales, your alliances love you because you are giving them endorsement quality exposure to your database and when they return the favor, you have just earned yourself the equivalent of a Tiger Woods endorsement from a local expert in your area, causing your referral business to grow much faster than sending out an occasional email from a DIY email marketing system.


If you would like to speed up the process contact your local Co-Op Agent and ask how you could build up to 60 active referral alliances in 60 days.


GrowthPOD.com – The Place to Co-Opvertise! Make your network, your marketing team by creating FREE & Information Co-Op e-Newsletters in Minutes using content provided by the people in your network. Start a FREE Co-Op e-Newsletter Today!


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