Title : Complete the Online Marketing Circle
Posted Date : 2012-11-06 14:53:20

So now you have all of your chapter members on your Facebook “likes”, you are following them; you may even have them on Twitter. You are sending out newsletter emails to your contact database on a regular basis. Why not tie it all together?


With GrowthPOD, not only can you share their content with your contact list, and they can share you with theirs, but you can also do the same with Facebook and Twitter! That’s right, GrowthPOD enables you to post a status update or Twitter feed and have your “POD” broadcast it to their followers!


The greatest benefit GrowthPOD bring to you is the fact that email marketing is still the best method of reaching everyone. Consider these facts: Facebook and Twitter have updates constantly added to the pages everyone sees. What happens if your future client is not online at that time? You don’t get seen!


Email marketing is there when your client is ready to view it. It never leaves until they decide to read it. Now that’s staying power!


I have more than 1,000 followers on Facebook. My best post only had a little over 50 responses. That translates to about 5%. My email campaigns always have an open rate exceeding 70%! That is 14 times my best Facebook post.


Don’t get me wrong; I am still a believer of Facebook and Twitter. I will still utilize it in my marketing, and you should too. Sometimes I believe it is better to have a fly swatter rather than a screen door. I will take both.


Now is the time to add Coopvertising to your marketing plan. It is easier than you think, and works better than you expect.


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