Title : The Importance of Staying in Front of Your Past Clients
Posted Date : 2012-11-05 22:10:01

How often do you stay in front of your current clients?  I hope you are in touch at least on a monthly basis to ensure that the time you spent to build trust in them, would be an investment in a lifelong relationship. 


If most businesses understood what it cost them to acquire a new client, they would value maintaining their relationships with their past clients much more.  Let’s take this example, where I placed an ad in a local newspaper for $1000.  The ad ran for a week & you ended up getting around 10 calls that resulted in landing 2 new clients. So far the cost to acquire a new client is $500.  Then you factor in the time you spent with them during the sales process & the extra effort you put into the service to ensure they go out and tell all of their friends about you, You’ve got yourself a pretty significant investment in that individual. 


After all of that work, why would you let that relationship fade away?  These people have the potential to be your best sales people going forward, plus, if you are like most businesses that have a suite of products and services, they will one day need other services you have to offer. 


So why would a business choose to let these relationships fade away?  Most often the answer is the lack of time to focus on the future, because they are so wrapped up in the urgency of their current business.  The harsh reality is that the businesses who make it understand that the time to focus on the future is when their business is booming, not when they run out of things to do.  By then it’s too late.  The even harsher reality happens when you fail to nurture relationships, others have a tendency to fill the void.  So if you aren’t staying in contact with your customers, somebody else hungry for business will.  You now lost thousands more in future sales! 


So knowing how important this concept was, we have made it an essential element of the GrowthPOD formula for success and we’ve devised methods to make it more beneficial to your clients and the easiest method on the planet to manage.


GrowthPOD’s e-Publications allow businesses to easily keep in front of their clients, with minimal work. 


Our system enables even the novice to update & send regular, recurring client communications in less than 15 minutes to ensure that your business remains at the top of your customer’s minds.  In addition to the ease of use our system provides users with many of the standard e-marketing features such as:


  • Drag and drop technology that allows you to build professional marketing messages with absolutely no programming messages.
  • Automatic Opt-Out.  So when clients so longer wish to receive your messages, they can easily opt-out by simply clicking on a link within your message to remove them from your lists.
  • Stat Tracking.  Analyze your open, click-thru and bounce tracking rates to improve your marketing response rates.


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