Title : The Importance of Building Alliances
Posted Date : 2012-11-05 22:02:54

The Importance of Building Strategic Alliances


It is impossible to succeed alone in business.  Think back to your Go Big Purpose Statement to validate this fact for a moment.  If you were going to succeed with Purpose, think about the numerous other people and business you need out on the streets recommending and promoting your company?  Needless to say, alliances are valuable. 


Some of their benefits include:


  • Instant Credibility Builder in your local market.  The good ones provide you with the local stamp of approval within your local market.  If they are trusted advisors & they recommend you it is equal to Tiger Woods endorsing a new driver that just hit the market.  If Tiger says it’s good and he uses it, then I’m going to use it too! 
  • Excellent Referral Partners.  Strategic Alliances typically service the same target market as you do.  Therefore, they are excellent referral partners.
  • Packaged Services.  Strong Alliances can package their products to form a suite of services that works to provide their customers with a complete solution to their needs

Building a network or as we like to call it a POD of Alliances in business is the number 1 success strategy in business.  We place it at the top for the various reasons stated above, but even more importantly, it will work to hold your company to higher standards of service and quality.  As you grow, your reputation will grow, opening the doors to better alliance relationships.  Typically the alliance building process of establishing trust and rapport with a new alliance could take years to develop, however, you’ll be happy to learn that GrowthPOD has developed methods of building alliances that refer you business in less than 30 days!  Don’t worry; your Co-Op Agents are there to do all the work through the process.  


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