Title : The GrowthPOD Story
Posted Date : 2012-11-06 08:28:13

What is GrowthPOD?

GrowthPOD is the place for small businesses to connect, collaborate and grow together!  It started 7 years ago by Jeff Levin, a business coach that realized after working with thousands of business owners and realizing the pain and struggle they experience while running their businesses.   So with small businesses accounting for nearly 85% of the population in business, I wanted to create an environment that provided the right kind of systems, training and assistance that allows the passionate entrepreneurs to grow, without crushing their bank accounts. 

At the core of GrowthPOD, lies the very principles of success that every influential leader has used to achieve unprecedented followings and successes in their lives – many of which do not yield instant successes, however, lay the foundation for massive successes down the road that last a lifetime – quite frankly, they are the strategies that fall by the way side in the average business owners day, because they are focused upon the now!  How can I have enough time to focus on the future, when I can't even satisfy the now!  Right?

So we built an environment and a system to make doing the important things simple, with hardly any time commitment.  In fact, we even supply you with the resources free of charge to make them happen for you.  Yes that's right, when you choose GrowthPOD, we provide you with an Agent to help you do the things that have made every successful business owner.  We've been in your shoes, we've researched every business you could imagine over the past 7 years and we've studied the most successful people in the history of the world and built those strategies within GrowthPOD for you. 

GrowthPOD believes that it is the entrepreneurs of this world that will inspire the next revolution to spark this fledgling economy and we are committed to providing you, the entrepreneur with the passion and purpose in your blood, with the tools, support and assistance to help you play your part in sparking the economy through the use of good business practices!

Co-Opvertising is Born!

I came up with the concept of Co-Opvertising while sitting on a calm, beautiful lake in my hometown of Crown Point, IN.  I had just came from an emotionally draining coaching call with a client, that wanted the world for his business, family and community, however, did not have the time to focus on the important things to get his business there.  So, I began to think of a solution and the thought process that followed sparked the last 4 years of programming and development.  My client was the typical small business.  He, his wife, a part time employee & his son were in the home repair business.  The husband was the “do-er”, the wife was the “customer care/sales person” and the son and the part-timer helped his dad with the labor.  They were educated marketers with a good vision and attitude.  They were the types of people that would rather network and try innovative referral marketing tactics than waste money on cold advertising that was expensive and rarely worked.  Plus, they just didn't have the funds to spend the kind of money in advertising that was really required to appropriately brand his services.  So, I looked closely into their marketing model, because I believed they were the prototype for the typical small business and tried to come up with a way to help them get their business over the hump. 

Here are some interesting facts to consider:

They did not have a huge advertising budget, but they did have:

  • A database of past clients and prospects whom they personally have invested a great deal of time with to deliver their services – a quality most small business owners possess because they all want referrals from their customers down the road!  The mentality for them is that if I do a great job, they will either hire me again or tell their friends.
  • A substantial network of strategic alliances they have developed from participating in local networking organizations, chambers & regular trade shows.  A handful of alliances that actually referred business, however not enough to build the predictable flow of business that was needed.

All of which are valuable to the future of their business.  However, it was time consuming to develop more alliances that refer consistent business.  So, if referrals were valuable to them and they lacked the funds and time, there had to be a way to make this process easier for them. 

So, I thought to myself, there is a tremendous amount of value in the contacts they have both from a client perspective and an alliance perspective.  If this is the case for this particular client, then it definitely was for most other small businesses.  All small businesses depend upon their client relationships for the future of their business.  So how we create a concept that would allow each to benefit from the hard work they put into these relationships to enable their businesses to expand and grow?  That's when I came up with GrowthPOD and the concept of Co-Opvertsing! 

“Co-Opvertising” is when a strategic alliance promotes you as the expert in your field to their trusted contact lists through GrowthPOD.com.  There are many ways systematically that you can do this in GrowthPOD.com, however the premise behind the concept was for businesses to be successful long term, they need to grow through referrals & word of mouth advertising.

Since most small businesses invest much more time and money in forming and maintaining strategic relationships, we should build a system to allow alliances to get even more from their best referral partners.  As a coach, I depended upon seminars to grow my business.     When I began my career as a Small Business Coach, planning and filling a seminar from advertising and self-promotion was laborious and yielded average results.  However, when I began filling seminars by asking my alliances to spread the word to their clients, my venues were jam packed full of people, with very little effort on my part.  I should mention also, that being that my alliances clients were my ideal clients, so they were super qualified, a-grade prospects.    So, needless to say, my most successful seminars were the result of my alliances filling the venues. 3rd party endorsements work – that’s why companies ask celebrities to endorse their products. So, although most of your alliances aren’t national celebrities they are influential in their field and in your target area. They have built a relationship with each person on their list who value their opinion.  Our system allows you to benefit from their relationships and gain valuable and inexpensive, endorsement quality exposure which leads to more leads. The beauty is, we do it in such a way that never exposes any client information.

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